Just For Kids - Graphic Poetry 1
"My dad likes to explain things. Hope you stay awake!"
Outside The Lines: Poetry At Play is a book of graphic ("concrete") poetry.

In graphic poetry, the words of the poem form a shape--or even a kind of picture--showing what the poem is about. The one below is called "Swing," and it's from the book. (In the book, there's an actual picture, too, showing a little girl on a swing).

Figuring out how to read this is part of the fun, as it often is, with graphic poetry. Can you do it? (You probably don't need any hints, which are below.)                               

  From way                                                                                                                             the sky!
        back here                                                                                                                     touch 
            down                                                                                                                     can
              through                                                                                                           feet
                   the                                                                                                           my 
                      air                                                                                                    where
                          down                                                                                          to
                               down                                                                               I fly             
                                  I  rush                                                                       up
                                          to                                                                 up
                                               way                                                again
                                                        down                             up
                                                                      there,   then 

Pssst: The title is the main clue (also, one letter is bigger, to hint where to start): Begin up left, then read down to the center, and up again -- following the path a swing might take.

It's also fun to write these, and you may want to try it . . .   

. . . especially since some graphic poems are really simple. Here's one, called "Falling:" 



The word is "falling" down the page, and -- whoa! Wait a minute! Where's the rest of the poem? 

                      Let's find out.



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