motion poetry :  BALLOON
"Well, Dad, it 's not exactly mind-blowing animation; but, yeah, it shows the balloon basics."

The poem that welcomed you to this site, "Outside The Lines: Poetry At Play," shows words in motion. (To see it again, click here -- and then click the "back" button to return). Below is another one, called "Balloon."

This is actually a new kind of poem. So it may be called motion poetry. Something similar happened about 
100 years ago: Pictures started moving, so we call them motion pictures, or moving pictures (movies, for short). But we can't call this new poetry moving poetry.*

*Why? Because the word moving is already used, about poems or other writing, to mean that the writing affects our feelings a lot. 
Pssst: Speaking of feelings and moving -- do you remember being little and feeling that everybody was moving too fast sometimes? Take a look another motion poem, then: Short Legs!. 


P.S. Hmmm. The motion here is electronic. And computerized mail is called e-mail, which means electronic mail. So maybe we could call this e-poetry, for electronic poetry.

Or maybe e-poetry in motion. Or we might even call it poetry in e-motion

Then again, we might not. 



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