Just For Kids - Graphic Poetry 4

Graphic poetry does look different, doesn't it?
Here's a poem to remind you of what most poetry looks like (and to demonstrate it, too).  

       The Three Rs of Poetry      

oetry, much of the time,
     Has regular rhythm, and rhyme--
     And carefully sets down its feet 
     Within regular lines, very neat. 

                                       Brad Burg

That lists the "three Rs" of most poetry: it has rhythm, and  rhyme--and it shows up in regular lines, too, like those short lines above.   

But poetry doesn't always follow those "rules," especially graphic poetry. The only real "rule" for poetry is this: Say things in an interesting way. 

In my book of graphic poetry (Outside The Lines: Poetry At Play), I often wrote a regular poem with rhythm and rhyme, which could be printed in regular lines -- but then I'd move the words to make a graphic "picture" of what the poem is about. 

So the poems work "inside the lines"--or Outside The Lines. Would you like to see one go back and forth?



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