Just For Kids -- Graphic Poetry 5
"Dad, you keep telling us how hard you worked (but you tell me not to brag)."

This is "Swing," printed as a regular poem. It has regular rhythm, regular rhymes, and the words are all inside regular lines


        From way back here,
        Down through the air,
        Down, down I rush
        To way down there;

        Then up again,
        Up, up, I fly
        To where my feet
        Can touch the sky!


So that's the poem, looking like most poems: all the words tucked inside the lines.

But of course, Outside The Lines is the book I was writing.  So here's a secret (which you've probably guessed):   

While working on this poem, and the others for the book, I worked "outside the lines" from the start: I chose the words, and put them into a design on the page, all at the same time. In this case, they were to show the path of the swing (and the kid!) through the air. 

To see the words in that shape, click on "Swing" as a graphic.  You can then click "back" and "forward" to compare the two versions. And then --

. . . to see the poem as it looks in the book, click on "Swing" from the book

I may add some more poems to this site, in both versions, so that you can compare them also. But right now, maybe you can write some graphic poems of your own . . . .




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