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who wants to read a

 CONCRETE   poem?




  (who wants to  hold

a   lead  balloon?)

       maybe  we should

  change that name.      




Maybe  we  should  Change  it   soon.

Why call words stone? Words are like grass  . . . 

    if a poem’s words
          form a shape 


   that our eyes can see,

   then why not call them
picture poems?



or graphic poetry?

   . . .  not heavy grey, but light and green . . . .

  cement's good for 
          SIDEWALKS, BLOCKs,   


   and PAVEMENTS, good for BRICKS and ROADS,

   but poems are made of words, not ROCKS,



        and carry only thoughts, not loads.

. . . In worlds of blocks, bricks, slabs, words pass. . . . .

who wants to write  a CONCRETE poem?

who wants to grow an iron flower? 


why should poems bear that STONE-GREY name--




--all DUST and WEIGHT and POWER?

. . . 'round! over! up! through! in between!! . . .



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