Comments from Readers

In these e-mails, kids, parents, and teachers mention poems from the book. You can click to see what they liked.

"I think Dad plans to frame some of these for his desk. . . . "

 JULIE, 7:  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOVED it. Especially Swing poem and the Slide poem! Two favorite playground things! Thanks! Thanks! For putting them in your book.
MICHAEL, 9: That Jungle Gym poem is cool . ! It makes me think of me and my friends, and it's like the poem is talking about us. Cool. 

AMANDA  T. (parent): All three kids in our house love the book (they're 6,7,10). Also husband & I. We have lots of oak trees, so the leaf pile poem makes us all smile! (And reminds me of being a kid myself. "Crisp October feather- bed"--yes, exactly right!)

RICHARD  N. (parent): I showed my son Steven that page with four Kites poems, and it's like he was waiting for it all his life! Now the book's his favorite.  Hope you do more of these books! 

MS. ARLINE J. (teacher): A book about playing, which is a kind of playing-- great idea! My 2nd-grader readers had a ball, working out the patterns of the poems. We even "acted out" a few, based on the way the words are laid on on the page. Two kids, one at each side of the classroom, were reading Catch* out loud, "back and forth" to each other. Such a fun change from  regular reading aloud; everyone  wanted to try! 

      *This links to "Catch," online at Amazon (after you click, scroll down a bit.)
      (See also the page
For Teachers.)

KELLY J (parent): Working out the
Connect the Dots poem  was great fun for my twins. They enjoy puzzles & poems, so thanks for combining those. And they had a wonderful time figuring out how to read all the  poems (it's not really hard to do, but don't tell them, please! They were very proud of themselves every time they "got" another one.) 

GEORGE L. (teacher) The book got them fascinated by the idea of visual poetry (and now they keep borrowing it from our library too.) Also the kids were interested in those pages on your site about graphic poetry  (add some more, please) and in fact, we did a whole project on that! I've been recommending the book highly to other teachers here.

     (See also the page For Teachers.)

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