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Songs based on Outside The Lines poems
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The L.A. Times praised this CD for the way the book's "pictorial wordplay" is converted into "innovative songs." The reviewer noted that "In 'Catch,' . . . singers toss the melody back and forth; vocals convey the on-and-off wink of 'Fireflies,' and in 'Kites,' the tug of the wind is unmistakable." [Click those titles, to see and hear what the reviewer was describing.]

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  Outside The Lines Music

This CD builds on the book Outside The Lines: Poetry At Play, turning its "concrete" graphic style into the musical equivalent. In the book, poems graphically evoke various play experiences. Similarly, the songs based on it use music to suggest the actions, excitement, and fun of a wide range of play activities. You can see how this works--look at the graphics and listen to the songs--by clicking HERE.
 You can buy this disk at CD BABY (where you can hear most of the songs online, too).

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