Fireflies - read & listen

A poem from Outside the Lines: Poetry At Play
 "I can be the queen of bug-panic, but even I like these glow-in-the-dark guys."
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List of pages and songs                      HEAR "FIREFLIES" SONG (Windows Media)

Reading hint: Read down--but left and right--as the fireflies lead you. Don't trip!

Note: This does not show the book's illustration; we can only show a limited number online.)



                                               don't wait!

                                                                                                                   uh oh

                                                                                                                                     too late
now where'd
                               it go?

                                                                                                                  blink     blink

                            Don't know

                                                                                                                                blink (where?)


                                                                   now THIS...


                                                                                                              blink (here)


           blink --  AH!...Now, then:

                      Hello, little yellow fellow,
                                A drop of starlight in my hand;
                                      Such a soft and golden glow!
                                                Blink blink blink---
                                                                                                    let you...

  HEAR "FIREFLIES" SONG (Windows Media)


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